• Chelsea Backpack
  • Little Helper Apron
  • Simple Skirt and Sash
  • Freestyle Gathered Skirt
  • Favorite Kitchen Apron
  • Upcycled Jean Skirt
  • Athletic Skirt
  • Quilted Kitchen Accessories
  • PDF Sewing Patterns
  • Video
  • 700 Series Portrait

Welcome to Maggie Elizabeth Designs

We offer unique sewing patterns for those who desire to pursue sewing in a modern and easier way. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seamstress, you'll find that our designs are easy enough to create in an afternoon or less. All of our patterns are categorized into different levels. Check out our Sewing Levels where you can look for patterns in your skill range. Our easy to understand patterns are not effortless, but each one comes with step-by-step instructions and simple illustrations (Shown below) to help you better enjoy your sewing adventure.

Also check out our Sewing Tips page for more details and helpful tips on the basics of sewing. By sewing your own useful products, you will not only receive a rewarding product, but keep more money in your wallet! Sewing is very economical and encourages self-sufficency. Use your own taste and style to create items that are unique to you and hopefully share smiles to those you give them to! Sewing is a lifelong skill that you can appreciate and enjoy!

So why not start today and let our patterns inspire you into the art of sewing!

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